Low maintenance garden with a maritime feel

This new build near the south coast of England was a perfect blank canvas to create a garden to reflect the location and the Client’s love of sailing.  A range of seating areas give space to entertain or sit along with a large patio, a smaller decked area under a shade sail and a gabion seating area too. There are a range of features draw the eye around the garden all softened with colourful, insect friendly and low maintenance planting. Most of the garden was installed by a contractor while many of the features, and a future garden building, have been designed specifically for the Clients to install themselves over time.

Woodland Garden

This woodland garden was designed as an “Ideas and Inspiration” plan by the Designer interactively with the clients. The idea developed was then worked up by the Designer to take account of the Tree Protection Zone (TPZ) to protect the large trees within the garden.

A series of dry stone walls enabled the terraces to sweep around the bank and provide a stepped path up to the tree covered upper part of the garden. The centrally placed patio ensured the maximum sun while still providing a large lawn for this family garden to be used for games.

Traditional Courtyard Garden

This simple courtyard sits comfortably alongside this traditional farmhouse by using complementary materials and design features.

Traditional Planting Scheme

All year around colour is guaranteed with this garden, starting with spring bulbs, to summer perennials and stunning autumn and winter interest from the various shrubs.