Sustainable Garden Design

This sustainable home and its garden were designed alongside one another enabling more opportunities to be as environmental as possible. A ribbon of banks from soil dug out during the build was sown with wild flowers to reflect the surrounding South Downs. A band of prairie plants has been planted to run across and through the bank to provide a splash of colour filling the gap between the native spring and summer wildflowers.

Seasonal Planting Design

The planting design was created to complement the pond and deck created by the client. The planting provided all year around colour starting with spring bulbs, to summer perennials and stunning autumn and winter interest from the various shrubs.

All Year Round Planting

This overgrown border within a church garden was rejuvenated with a fresh mix of shrubs, perennials and bulbs to provide all year around planting interest. An elevation sketch was created to show the Congregation the intended planting which they then raised funds or donated the plants to complete. Plants were aimed to act as seasonally memorable plants, such as snowdrops in late winter, daffodils in spring etc to give a backdrop to weddings and other events held at the church throughout the year.

Maritime planting

A colourful planting pallet reflecting the local maritime location while ensuring it has a manageable level of maintenance. When sat on the deck or journeying along the boardwalk the planting wraps around you and sets off the wider views of features in the garden and open sky beyond.