St Peters Church, Titchfield

This memorial garden aims to create a quiet space to uplift the spirits for those who visit. The memorial plaques are placed on the two walls based on the season of the Loved one’s date of departure and the planting in front of each wall is based on these seasons so will always be at its best around the anniversary. The rest of the garden makes use of many favourite garden plants with interest throughout the year.

Seating has now been added providing a quiet place to sit and reflect with views of the commemorative walls.

Drummond Place, Hythe

This small public space is in the historic New Forest town of Hythe, Hampshire. The site is owned by Hythe Parish Council, who approached Ruscrete landscape centre to design and supply the materials, which is where Debbie was working at the time.

The design is based on the blade of a propeller, which reflects the local historical links to the sea planes, hovercrafts and spitfires. A sculpture representing blades of leaves or grass reflecting the this gateway to the New Forest was intended to be created by the local Art group and placed in the centre of the circle.