Welcome to Debbie Carroll Garden Designs

We have a garden design service to meet your needs.
All of our gardens are designed with you in mind.

Whatever your lifestyle and garden design aspirations:

With over 16 years as a Garden Designer Debbie has a wide range of experience to tackle the most complex of gardens or wish lists. The services offered provide a range of support from simple advice to full design support and these are nearly always tailored to your needs and budget.

Debbie believes strongly that “the gardens that last are the gardens that are loved”. She work hard to ensure that your final design is based on a full understanding of your needs, hopes and dreams. She works closely with you to create a garden to enjoy not just for now but for the long term too.

Debbie is a Registered Designer within the British Association of Landscape Industries (BALI), a trade body promoting professional standards, requiring members to have demonstrated their ability to a panel of experts and to carry out all work within their code of conduct.

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