A Garden with Personal Details

This small bespoke garden design creates space for relaxing and entertaining and works well viewed from above in this topsy turvy house. The craftsmanship to the slatted timber fencing creates interest that draws the eye around the space and out to the vast sky beyond. The pergola includes two roller blinds; one to provide shade and privacy while a second includes a picture of the client’s favourite holiday view. When this blind is not in use a set of metal seedhead sculptures provides a key point of interest. As the planting establishes this will reflect the maritime location of this setting and that reflected on the image blind too.

Small Back Garden

This small garden is designed to have a natural flow with well defined spaces to be enjoyed when viewed from above as well as from within it. The many plants in pots have been incorporated into new borders, while a seating area gives a focal point to draw you to the bottom of the garden. A raised herb bed screens the workshop and those essentials of many homes such as the bins while wrapping around the larger patio for entertaining. This scheme was created interactively with the clients using our ‘Ideas and Inspiration’ garden design service.