Small garden with level changes

This small sloping garden originally had a series of surfaces with extreme drops making it quite dangerous and with spaces too small to use easily. The new garden design made a much-loved swing seat a key feature set on its own small deck. A series of new terraces and raised borders dealt with the level changes and ensured that all were easily accessible with planting to enjoy all year around. A new patio for dining and a small area of artificial turf for relaxing give this small space all the options for enjoying the garden alone or with friends.

Small Back Garden

This small garden has been designed to flow easily with well defined spaces. The many plants in pots have been incorporated into two new borders, while a seating area gives a focal point to draw you to the bottom of the garden. A new raised herb bed screens the workshop and those essentials of many homes such as the bins while wrapping around the larger patio for entertaining.

Ideas & Inspiration Design

This design was for a retired client who wanted an easy to maintain garden that they could enjoy planting up and accessories themselves and to have fun with their grandchildren. The circular lawn is designed to be able to be replaced in the future with a circle paving kit to create a low maintenance garden if they wish to reduce the work load further.